In celebration of International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to hear the inspiring stories of some of the amazing ladies who are steering their careers driving a Splend car. They shared their experiences driving Uber and even some useful advice for all the female drivers out there.

Girls, we’re glad to be able to empower you!

Meet some of the amazing women we’re lucky enough to work with every day:


Sandra is a real Uber queen. Don’t take our word for it, her 4.96 rating is no coincidence. She got into on-demand driving at a stage in her life where she needed a flexible way to earn some extra money.

“My goal is to have my own car. The Rent to own plan has allowed me to chip away at owning my car. Everyone at Splend is great and I love working with my Member Success Representative. If I need anything, they’re always there to support me on the road.”

Sandra’s favourite part of the day “is getting started in the early hours of the morning just before the sun comes up.” She became a grandmother recently, so the freedom to choose her work hours is more important in her life than ever. “I get to go home during the day and spend time with my grandson. I love the flexibility of being able to do work on the side and earn extra money”.

Sandra found us through a friend who recommended our services to her. They took advantage of our referral program, so we sweetened the deal with a $150 upfront bonus for her friend, while Sandra got a $50 discount off her joining fee.


A single mum, Rupal started driving Uber 5 years ago. She says driving is not as risky as people think, and it’s enabled her to pay off debt and build a good credit rating, as well as the option to own a car. It also allows her to spend more time with her son.

Rideshare driving has made such a big difference in Rupal’s life. As she describes it, it’s had a positive impact on her finances as well as her quality of life:

“Although I had bad credit, it was easy to get access to a car through Splend. Ridesharing gives me the freedom to work towards a more comfortable lifestyle and spend time with my son every day.”


Alex has been driving Uber with Splend for over a year and a half. She signed up straight to our Rent to own plan, so she’s now almost halfway to fully owning her Hyundai Tucson.

“Uber allows me to finish up early in the morning and then head to the beach with my dogs, which is the most incredible experience, and I’m really grateful for it.”

Having a car with Splend has helped her to some extra cash flow and even providing the opportunity for her to help out families during the Australian bushfires.

She also addressed some words of encouragement to all the fellow ladies out there who might be thinking about getting into ridesharing: “Don’t feel disheartened – even though we’re in a male-dominated industry, it’s a lot of fun!”

About Splend

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We’re more than a car rental company. In addition to new-model cars and all the essentials to start earning money with Uber as quickly as possible, our members enjoy driver training and dedicated support via a personal account manager, as well as member benefits such as partner discounts and exclusive events.

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