In our monthly news summary, we pull together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what’s happened in October:

Lodge your tax return

It’s that time of the year to start lodging your tax return. Learn about Uber taxes and how you can prepare for your tax return this year from our friends at DriveTax.

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5 most common Uber driver infringements

As an Uber driver, you spend more time on the road than most drivers and it’s important to maintain a good driving record to minimise your infringements and additional fees that this might cause. We have listed our top 5 infringements for you to keep your eyes out on.

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Important COVID-19 Resources

We’ve gathered the most important resources into one place. On this page, you can find key information you need as an on-demand driver whether this be government updates, driver hygiene or insights on driving during this period. Bookmark this list and check back on a regular basis as we’ll be updating the resources.

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