Important update – June 2020

To help our members navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered support packages during the toughest months. We applied the discounts presented below during April, May, and June 2020.

As we had previously announced, once the Government eased restrictions, we too reviewed our assistance package. Starting June, our prices have gradually returned to our original rates as we continued to work towards getting back to the new normal. 

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times. We know that every bit of help counts right now. We’ve listened carefully to your concerns and worked hard to create the following assistance package for you.

For our existing members, we’re offering $70 off your weekly rental fee if you’re on an Uber car rental plan, or you can opt-in to a weekly 25% discount if you’re on Rent to own.

You’ll receive the following rental fee discounts, based on your Splend plan:

Splend plan Discount* More details
Uber car rental $70 off your weekly fee Read the Rent FAQ
Rent to own 25% off your weekly fee Read the Rent to own FAQ

*Terms and conditions apply:

  • You can only claim your discount once you’re up to date with all your previous payments.
  • Missing a payment will automatically revert you to the full pricing.

How it works

Uber car rental plan

The Uber car rental plan discount will go into effect automatically on April 8th and will be valid until further notice from Splend.

Rent to own plan

If you’re on a Rent to own plan, you have two options:

    • Option 1: continue paying your weekly Rent to own subscription fee and pay off your car faster
    • Option 2: opt-in for the 25% discounted fee by filling in this form

The discounted amounts will be charged back by extending your term with one week for every four weeks when you paid a reduced fee.


The discounts will go into effect starting April 8th or the week after you claim your discount if you’re on a Rent to own plan.

We’ll continue to help you find new income opportunities, as the demand for package and food delivery will only increase over the coming weeks.

We’ll also continue to support you during the pandemic by keeping our Member Support Centres open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. We only ask you to call us on 1800 775 363 and make an appointment beforehand, so we can ensure the safest conditions for your visit.

Given the unpredictable nature of the situation, we’ll review our assistance packages every two weeks, taking into consideration the Government’s advice around the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Other support options

Top up your income with parcel and food deliveries

Government support

You can claim up to $1,500 per fortnight thanks to the Government’s revised JobKeeper or JobSeeker payments completed with the new Coronavirus Supplement, as well as up to two one-off Household Support Payments of $750 each.

See how to claim these benefits as an Uber driver:

More resources

A word on health and safety

The safety of our members and staff remains our number one priority. We’re working tirelessly to align our operations with the Government’s restrictions and advice, so we can protect each other, assume social responsibility, and do our part in easing the pressure on the healthcare system.

Take a moment to read our safety guide:

About Splend

At Splend we help on-demand drivers thrive. As a result, we  continue to help our members through the COVID-19 outbreak. Our dedicated Member Success Representatives and Member Care Team are on standby to answer any questions you might have.

During the pandemic, our Member Support Centres will operate strictly by appointment only. Simply give us a call on 1800 775 363 and make an appointment, so we can ensure the safest conditions for your visit.