We partnered with Kia and Uber on the exciting Fan Fleet campaign in January to deliver a unique experience for our members and tennis fans visiting the Australian Open venues.

Our members had a great start to the year, being a part of the tennis cheer by driving eager fans with the all-new Kia Seltos.

We took this opportunity to reach out to our members and hear what they had to say on the experience:

  • Driving during an event is an enjoyable and rewarding experience as fans really appreciate the service. This translates directly into 5-star ratings and generous tips – one of our members’ driver rating went up from 4.85 to 5 stars during the campaign.
  • Our partnership with Kia means our members received a set income during the campaign, so they could focus on enjoying their time on the road.
  • You get to meet and chat with passengers from around the world. Our members told us about meeting riders from the UK, a journalist from China, a mother whose son was in the juniors, and many other interesting stories.
  • Having a good night’s sleep, a clean car, and filling up on petrol ahead of the event was one of the key tips that our members noted. This ensures you’re ready for the exciting day ahead.

Overall, amongst the hustle and bustle, events can be extremely rewarding if you and your car are always ready for action.

The most important advice of all? Keep an open mind and have fun!

Kia Seltos Uber Fan Fleet Australian Open 2020

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