Holi is celebrated throughout the world by the Hindu community – it’s the festival of colours that signifies the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, and marks a fresh start to life, the time to let go of negative thoughts of the past.

The most spectacular and best-known ritual of this day is the carefree frolic with vivid colours where people smear each other with colourful powder while dancing or play fighting, often to the sound of live music – and of course, lots and lots of laughter.

These events are a way not only for the Hindu community to celebrate the beautiful meaning of this festival, but also an opportunity for everyone else to learn about Indian culture and celebrate together.

If you want to drive during the festivities, we have some tips so you can bring colour into your day but spare yourself from the potentially unpleasant consequences

  •  Keep your windows and rely on the air conditioning. The colourful powder can find its way into the car and stain the upholstery which can be tricky and expensive to clean.
  • If you do get a stain on the seats, have some car care products at hand instead of using home detergents. Car products generally contain less harmful chemicals and offer additional protection.
  • Keep some large towels in the boot that you can use to cover up the seats if you’re picking up passengers after the colour run.
  • Use cling wrap on the inside door handles, especially if your door has fabric inlays or textured plastic that might be difficult to clean afterwards.
  • Clean up regularly, because it’s much easier to remove fresh stains. The coloured powder can get pretty deep into the fabric by the end of the day if many passengers sit on it or it gets wet.

We hope you find these tips useful. Happy Holi and safe driving from all of us at Splend.

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